The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

In the world, there are approximately 6,3 billion people relying their lives mainly on plants. This market exists at the same time with the soaring demand in herbal-based products, drugs, cosmetics, foods. Together they form a niche but huge market for international trade. At the same time they pose a question on sustainability which can maintain the global health & ecosystem.

Facing these giant potentials MAP EXPO is born to become the global marketplace for all players in global MAP-related industries, supply chains to meet, to find suppliers, to research & develop new markets, to coordinate applicable knowledge, and to form the future for MAPs.


  • Pain Treatment Conference
    “Treat the pain” is the topic of the scientific-economic congress during the MAP EXPO 2017. Realization of the congress is the joint effort of cross-country institutes, associations and enterprises. Participants will be provided with tr...
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  • Cultural Impressions
    MAPs have been applied along human history. Each civilization has its own MAPs and the way its people apply MAPs reflects their own culture. When coming to the showcase of MAPs, you are introduced to the garden of different deep-rooted cust...
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  • BBMI | Bio-based Medicinal Industries
    Until 2015, still 80% of supplies of MAP and MAP products are collected from the wild. Because of the intensive collection, no alternatives to some species, together with unsuitable collection method and, we are vulnerable to the future of ...
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