The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

  • 2nd edition MAP EXPO 2018
  • Date: 3 & 4 October 2018
  • Venue: Beursgebouw Eindhoven, Lardinoistraat 8, 5611 ZZ Eindhoven, the Netherlands
  • Evaluation of MAP EXPO 2017

Worldwide, the lifestyles of some 6.3 billion people rely on the cultivation of plants. Demand for herbal drugs, cosmetics, foodstuffs and other products in this already vast market continues to grow. Taken together, plant products form a specialised but lucrative sector with plenty of opportunities. Meanwhile, sustainable plant use contributes to global wellbeing and a healthy ecosystem.

Aware of the industry’s immense potential, MAP EXPO has been established as the go-to global marketplace for the key players in MAP-related sectors. This unique event aims to enhance and integrate links in the supply chain, matching suppliers with buyers and developing new markets in the process. Specialist knowledge can be exchanged, and market leaders both new and old will have an opportunity to influence the MAP industry’s future direction.


  • MAP-Expo natural based products
    MAP-Expo is hét zakelijk evenement voor natuurlijke producten. Therapeuten, artsen, groothandelaren, winkelketens, etc. (zowel nationaal als internationaal) zullen aanwezig zijn op dit evenement. Bij inkopers constateren we een grote groei...
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  • MAP-Expo at EIHA-Conference in 2 weeks
    As partners of EIHA, MAP-Expo will present itself at the EIHA-Conference (12-13 June 2018) in 2 weeks. The previous edition of MAP-Expo showed the potential of the HEMP Industry. The seminar "Cannabidiol - from farm to end product" and t...
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  • Common plants used in Cosmetics
              The use of medicinal & aromatic plants in cosmetic products are one of the four themes covered in the Expo. This article contains information of some of these plants.    ...
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