NABC and MAP-Expo

NABC will be talking about the business opportunities for MAP Business at the MAP-Business stand . NABC (Netherlands African Business Council) has amassed an extended network of thousands of African business contacts and enjoys collaborative relationships with Dutch knowledge institutions, NGO’s, the Dutch government, African embassies and trade and investment promotion institutes. Are you interested to hear more about the MAP Business concept? Buy your ticket via this link http://map-expo.com/tickets/  and visit the MAP Expo 2018.

Workshop HAO-Demeter

NBI invests in an cooperation with Greek Export and HOA – Demeter. There will be a workshop given by Ms. Maloupa from the institute of plant breeding and genetic resources, HOA – Demeter. The workshop is dedicated to the exploitation of Greek Medicinal and Aromatic species through processing and production. The training program will help the participant to feel, smell, taste and see the rich and unique Greek flora through experiential-exploratory methods and the wealth of innovative products that can be produced. Participants in the context of this workshop will learn about  reproduction, cultivation and processing of MAPs and participate in the preparation of products with essential oils, olive oil, tisanes, aromatic salts and tasting beverages with mixtures of MAPs.   Click here to buy your tickets: http://map-expo.com/tickets/  

Hanoi Association

    We are excited to announce that the Hanoi Association is presenting 4 companies as exhibitors on the MAP Expo this year. NBI and Hanoi agreed to a partnership to enhance opportunities for companies in Vietnam that are active in the MAP sector.       Organization Full name Position Vietnam Cooperative Alliance – Hai Duong Province Le Ahn Office – Trade and Promotion Center Hanoi Agriculture JSC Le Thi Huong Giang Sale Manager Xuan Dai JSC Nguyen Ngoc Khoa Manager of Marketing Department Viet Huynh CO., LTD Pham Van Hai Material Purchasing Department Manager NBI cherishes the strong and long-term partnership with Hanoi. Hanoi is an interesting region for MAP products and worth looking in to.

MAP Insights – Homeopathic Medicine or Phyto Medicine?

Herbal and homeopathic medicine are both natural types of medicine, and both use herbs in some way, but there are significant differences when it comes to the way the herbs are prepared, their safety profile, and the indications for which they’re prescribed. Homeopathy also uses other ingredients, such as animal or mineral products, while herbal medicine only uses herbs. Perhaps the most important difference between the two is that homeopathic remedies are prescribed according to the principle of curing disease with natural products that spike the same reaction. This is the belief that the substance known to cause the symptoms of the illness or disease will also create the cure if given to the patient in small enough doses. Herbal medicine does not subscribe to this principle. (more…)