Visitor / study day information 2023

Meet over 3,000 healthcare professionals

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who want to experience, study, explore and understand the common thread between holistic medicine systems. You can use your entrance ticket on either Friday or Saturday.

  1. Date: 3rd & 4th of March 2023
    Time: Exhibitor hall will open at 10:00
    workshops/seminars start at 9:30
    Place: Franklinweg 2, 4207 HZ Gorinchem

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Aryuveda studyday

This Ayurveda Study Day consists of a series of lectures by professionals from different disciplines of Ayurveda.

4 Accreditation points at the NWP
Accreditation application is being processed by the LVNT, MBOG, NOAG, FAGT, VBAG, BATC, ZHONG and the VIT therapists.

The goal of Ayurveda is to arrange your life in such a way that you are healthy, happy and loved. Prevention plays a major role in this. Make sure you don’t get sick by eating well, resting on time, furnishing your environment with beautiful things and surrounding yourself with nice people. Positively stimulate all your senses. That is what Ayurveda strives for. Then you elevate yourself and it is easier to make contact with yourself, your fellow man and your environment.

Man is in perfect health when the three doshas are in balance, the digestive fire and appetite are working properly, all body tissues and excretory processes function normally, all physiological processes are in perfect unity, and the soul, senses and mind are in a state of experience happiness and satisfaction.

Ayurveda is very comprehensive and cannot be understood or treated in one day. During this day we want to give you a good picture of different disciplines of Ayurveda.

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Hemp pavilion

 Hemp is been a proven noteworthy MAP product that is getting the attention it deserves. On MAP expo we will discuss the various industries where it is processed and have interesting seminars about regulation, growing and the use of hemp and/or CBD products.

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