Our story

Technologies change and date quickly. The (food ) processing industry increasingly demands more from a production process. It is not enough to produce the right product in the right quantity. Matters like time-to-market, period for cost recovery, delivery reliability and sustainability are highly important. Much more can be realised with new technologies.
Keeping abreast of all what is technically possible is a complex job. Our knowledge and experience are available to you. We make the latest knowledge accessible and concretely applicable. A production process can always be improved to be much more in line with today’s requirements.
It requires another way of thinking about production. It is the best way to get ahead of your competition, time and time again.

Expert in process optimisation

Since 1994, Bodec has been winning its spurs as a consultancy and engineering company in the food processing, (bio) pharmaceutical and chemical industries. As an expert in process optimisation, Bodec offers goal-oriented support and sustainable solutions in separation and process technologies.
Bodec is known to be a bridge builder between science, knowledge and the market. Through intensive cooperation with universities, both in Europe and beyond, and an extensive network of institutes and technology partners we can recognise technological opportunities. Combined with the knowledge we have of your company, we are able to exploit these opportunities timely and effectively.

Our services

Are technological developments proceeding faster than your project organisation can cope with on its own? Do you wish to stay ahead with respect to process optimisation? Are you looking for technologies that contribute to energy and costs savings by means of process intensification? Or are scale-up and flexibility of your production line your most important goals? Cooperation is often the solution to implement knowledge-intensive process innovations within the deadline. From research up to and including implementation and follow up, our team of specialists will be at your disposal.

Country: Netherlands