Cibdol is a premium manufacturer of the finest quality CBD oils appearing on the European market. Our products are sourced from certified organic EU industrial hemp and undergo thorough testing to ensure all-natural finished products. Through a proprietary purification process developed over three years in our Swiss Laboratories, products uphold consistent concentrations of CBD, resulting in gorgeously purified golden oils.

At Cibdol, we put our years of experience to good use, retaining the essential cannabinoids in hemp, separating out contaminants and inactive plant matter. Oils are terpene-enriched through a clean steam distillation procedure that harvests a full-spectrum of the aromatic hydrocarbons to broaden the range of benefits.

Other “crude” CBD oils cut corners with dark, pasty oils that vary in cannabinoid concentration – Cibdol products are put through extensive measures to maintain even CBD consistency between batches, without using ineffective CBD crystal isolates. What’s more, our oils are potent yet non-psychoactive and will not interrupt regular functioning. All Cibdol products are manufactured with the utmost transparency and are tested by third party agencies to guarantee high marks in quality and legal compliance.

We respect both CBD and the consumer, offering fully decarboxylated oils that activate the precursor molecule CBDa into efficacious CBD. At Cibdol, we are constantly looking to improve our methods, utilizing the latest technologies for culling cannabinoids and optimizing product purity.

Country of headquarter: Switzerland

Country of representative: Netherlands