Elpis Ltd is one of the leading companies within the medicinal plants market in Eastern Europe. Our organisation collects wild plants found in Ukraine and Russia, as well as sells a wide range (more than 200 categories) of medicinal plants from around the world. The office and warehouse are conveniently located close to the harbour of Riga, which consequently allows for prompt shipment of merchandise to all locations in Europe. Additionally, the company has warehouses in Poland (Kalisz), Ukraine (Kyev, Romanov, Kovel) and Russia (Pskov, Moscow). Every incoming  item undergoes a quality check at our own laboratories. Moreover, all goods undergo our own agency surveyer’s  inspection if purchased from India, China, and Northern Africa.  Presently, our clients are located in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa.

Our company has been operating since February, 1994, when we began our business activity with the wholesale distribution of the pharmaceutical products.

In 1997 our company opened the second line of our business: wholesale distribution of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industry.

In 2000 we established the manufacturing department with the major task of developing our own line of the food supplements, cosmetic and essential oils. By 2001 the first products had come into the market under the trademark of „Elpis”, which have found their niche and remain very popular among the customers.

In 2002 „Elpis” received a GMP certificate – Repackaging and Labelling of medicinal products.

Knowledge of the special features of western and eastern markets facilitates our successful cooperation with the partners from different regions.

In 2012 our total turnover exceeded 30 million euros.

Now we are among five largest enterprises working in the field of wholesale distribution of the pharmaceutical products in Latvia.

Our business activities are focused on the three major lines:

  • wholesale distribution of raw materials for the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industry
    We offer a broad range of natural herbs and spices, dried vegetables, raw materials of herbal origin, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and oils (fatty and essential).
  • wholesale distribution of medicinal products, food supplements, and other pharmaceuticals
    We supply pharmacies and other healthcare facilities with medicinal products, pharmaceuticals, and other health products. 
  • manufacturing of cosmetic and essential oils, and food supplements
    Under the brand name of „Elpis”, we offer our clients high-quality food supplements, and cosmetics.

The accumulated experience and accurate, well-coordinated work of the competent personnel ensures our fast response to the requests of our clients. 

We are always open for cooperation! Working with us will guarantee you with high-quality products for a reasonable price.

Country: Latvia

Website: http://www.elpis.lv/