RIMPH Botanicals (Gyógynövény Kutató Intézetet)

The Research Institute for Medicinal Plants and Herbs (RIMPH, Gyógynövény Kutató Intézetet) was founded in Hungary more than 100 years ago. The aim of the establishment in 1915 was to support the demand for herbal pharmaceutical raw materials (herbal drugs) by identifying, improving and investigating new species. Since 2008 RIMPH Botanicals has been operating as a member of PannonPharma Group, ensuring thereby that the unique, worldwide firstly established, internationally renowned base of Hungarian medicinal plant research with great tradition continues to be maintained. RIMPH Botanicals’ main expertise is the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agricultural products of plant origin.

Our mission is to develop products, provision services based on 100 year’s “know-how” of herbal science, and thereby raising the herbal industry to a higher level, disseminating herbal knowledge as wide as possible.

Country: Hungary

Website: http://gynki.hu/ocPortal/index.php?page=start&keep_lang=EN