Stichting Hortus Alkmaar

Hortus Alkmaar is a botanic garden, specialised in medicinal herbs. The garden was created in 1981 for the development of natural medicines. Over the years it was expanded to its current two-hectare dimension. What makes Hortus Alkmaar so unique is its variety of types of plants and original species.

Originally the garden was not bigger than half a hectare. The collection existed of about 100 types of herbs, mostly imported from a herb garden in Germany. Gradually the garden was expanded to two hectares. The number of herbs grew to an exceptional botanic collection of over 1000 types, 700 of which are medicinal herbs.

The herb garden has been gradually developed to a botanic treasure in a natural biotope. It has a unique character, bordering an industrial area but sheltered by a green rural landscape. Hortus Alkmaar is an oasis to enjoy: from the floral riches and the peaceful quietness to the characteristic atmosphere.

Country: Netherlands

Hortus Alkmaar, botanic garden