Namicos B.V. is a Dutch company located in Hengelo, the Netherlands.
Namicos stands out for Natural Mineral Cosmetics. Our unique product range is based on both traditional Eastern therapies modern in-depth research and years of experience in blending pure and all-natural products for a wide range of applications. It’s these pure products that enable us to share the incredible power of nature  with a broad audience.

Namicos guarantees the power of 100% natural. Our products do not contain any paraben, paraffin, silicone, synthetic and/or other ingredients that could be harmful to your skin and body. To ensure optimum results we only use a selection of the highest quality extracts and oils for our Namicos product range.
All of our products are produced in the Netherlands and meet the most stringent quality requirements, certified by NCS (Natural Cosmetics Standard).
Our vision: We want  to be a leading and profitable market provider as well as reliable partner in providing high-quality natural products at both national and international levels.
Our mission: We will build up new and existing partnerships to include and develop new sales channels and product lines in the field of cosmetics in order to create value for our customers.
Currently Namicos B.V. is looking for its Partner(s) who wants to cooperate and  grow together in the cosmetic world.

Country: the Netherlands