NABC and MAP-Expo

NABC will be talking about the business opportunities for MAP Business at the MAP-Business stand . NABC (Netherlands African Business Council) has amassed an extended network of thousands of African business contacts and enjoys collaborative relationships with Dutch knowledge institutions, NGO’s, the Dutch government, African embassies and trade and investment promotion institutes. Are you interested to hear more about the MAP Business concept? Buy your ticket via this link http://map-expo.com/tickets/  and visit the MAP Expo 2018.

Workshop HAO-Demeter

NBI invests in an cooperation with Greek Export and HOA – Demeter. There will be a workshop given by Ms. Maloupa from the institute of plant breeding and genetic resources, HOA – Demeter. The workshop is dedicated to the exploitation of Greek Medicinal and Aromatic species through processing and production. The training program will help the participant to feel, smell, taste and see the rich and unique Greek flora through experiential-exploratory methods and the wealth of innovative products that can be produced. Participants in the context of this workshop will learn about  reproduction, cultivation and processing of MAPs and participate in the preparation of products with essential oils, olive oil, tisanes, aromatic salts and tasting beverages with mixtures of MAPs.   Click here to buy your tickets: http://map-expo.com/tickets/  

Hanoi Association

    We are excited to announce that the Hanoi Association is presenting 4 companies as exhibitors on the MAP Expo this year. NBI and Hanoi agreed to a partnership to enhance opportunities for companies in Vietnam that are active in the MAP sector.       Organization Full name Position Vietnam Cooperative Alliance – Hai Duong Province Le Ahn Office – Trade and Promotion Center Hanoi Agriculture JSC Le Thi Huong Giang Sale Manager Xuan Dai JSC Nguyen Ngoc Khoa Manager of Marketing Department Viet Huynh CO., LTD Pham Van Hai Material Purchasing Department Manager NBI cherishes the strong and long-term partnership with Hanoi. Hanoi is an interesting region for MAP products and worth looking in to.

MAP Insights – Homeopathic Medicine or Phyto Medicine?

Herbal and homeopathic medicine are both natural types of medicine, and both use herbs in some way, but there are significant differences when it comes to the way the herbs are prepared, their safety profile, and the indications for which they’re prescribed. Homeopathy also uses other ingredients, such as animal or mineral products, while herbal medicine only uses herbs. Perhaps the most important difference between the two is that homeopathic remedies are prescribed according to the principle of curing disease with natural products that spike the same reaction. This is the belief that the substance known to cause the symptoms of the illness or disease will also create the cure if given to the patient in small enough doses. Herbal medicine does not subscribe to this principle. (more…)

Exhibitor Spotlight – Taste Kenya Exporters

This week, we will be looking at one of our new exhibitors from Kenya, Taste Kenya Exporters     Taste Kenya Exporters Ltd(TKEL)was founded in 2008 and later incorporated in the year 2014. The company is in the business of growing of fresh herbs for domestic and international markets. The company has its own production site – 11 acres. The farm is located approximately 50 minutes drive from Jomo Kenyatta international airport.   Their product range Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Oregano, Melissa, Lovage,Dill, Corriander, Terragon, Marjoram, Chillies, German Chamomile, Flat Parsley, Curled Parsley. 60% of their production volume is grown under the sun while 40% is indoor cultivation.   (more…)

MAP Promotional Video

                Click More... to watch the promotional video. Interesting MAP-Promotional video from Geo Artha, one of our exhibitors from Malaysia. Malaysia will represent itself with several companies. (more…)

International Congress “Natural Products – Evidence based effectiviness | Solutions for the future”

  3 and 4 October 2018, Beursgebouw Eindhoven – The Netherlands Worldwide, there is an increasing demand for natural products. They could provide the answer to many of the questions that modern healthcare is struggling with. This is why the Netherlands Association for Phytotherapy (NVF) is organizing a conference in partnership with NBI on October 3rd and 4th 2018. International speakers from diverse disciplines will ensure a top quality conference that you shouldn’t miss out on! The conference will be held concurrently with the MAP-Expo trade fair, at the same venue, and will provide plenty of opportunities for visiting the fair. (more…)

Ghanaian Delegation at MAP-Expo

MAP-Expo 2018 will host a delegation from Ghana.   12 Ghanaian companies led by Dr. Gustav Komlaga, who is a speaker at our congress "Natural Products - Evidence Based Effectivenss/solutions for the futre", will exhibit and are registered in the Matchmaking Program organised with Europe Enterprise Network.   Below our Ghanaian exhibiting companies and their representative:   Dr. Gustav Komlaga - Knust Solomon Appiah-Kubi - Solak Biochemist Ltd. Gyaase Cecilia Konamah - Nyamedua Herbal Foundation Amoah Nana Kwaku - Nah Herbal Centre Agyeman Kennedy Owusu - Kenoga Company Ltd. Kwabi Solomon - Givers Herbal Centre Dankwah Prince Oteng - Antec Herbal Gyimah Joy Nuako - Adutwumwaa Herbal Industries Ltd. Anane Patrick - Patrick Natural Health Antwi Isaac Osei - Dannie Herbal Centre Mohammed Kweku Edu - Adu Herbal and Research Clinic Annabella Ayeley Adade - Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners Associations (GHAFTRAM)   Make sure you use this unique opportunity, at MAP-Expo 2018! Tickets are currently available at: http://map-expo.com/tickets/  

Increasing participation from Nepal

We are excited to announce that our partner in Nepal (NEHHPA) will bring even more companies to MAP-Expo 2018! The Nepal Herbs and Herbal Products Association is an umbrella organization of Nepalese herbal producers, manufacturers and traders in the sector of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), particularly Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs). Nepal has always been the centre of herbal richness with more than ten thousand species of herbs in its alpine belt. The medical herbs databases listing for Nepal shows 1,624 species of medical and aromatic species. These herbs have been integral part of traditional medicine practices of indigenous community in Nepal. Seeing the same impact and long history of herbal use, these herbs of Nepal are now exported to many countries and companies for medical purposes. Many big companies import such herbs to make medical extract and derivatives which are used in treating various diseases and health deficiency. (more…)

MAP top 3 Essential Oils.

  MAP Expo does not only focus on the plant based medicine but also on the natural cosmetics and essential oils. Here a list of our favourite oils.         Eucalyptus   The most common use for eucalyptus is to treat a cold. Because of it’s strong minty smell it clears your airways almost immediately. And this is not the only thing it’s proven to do, it kills bacteria and fungus like a pesticide. It also relieves seasonal allergies as well as pain and inflammation. When used in a diffuser in your home it will clean the air and relieve headaches. (more…)