Exhibitor Spotlight – Pride Profit

We are excited to announce our returning exhibitor from last year; Pride Profit from Russia!   Pride Profit is a group of companies - manufacturer, Exporter and International seller - which works in the field of preparation, production, packaging, export, customs clearance, import and logistics. They offer raw materials and finished products for export, which will be in demand in various areas of the food industry and additives, Dietary food and sports nutrition, for the production of medicine, cosmetics and rejuvenation, perfumery, biotechnology and other fields!   (more…)

International Conference Natural products

International Conference Natural products: evidence based effectiveness/solutions for the future Click here for full programme

Exhibitor Spotlight – Herbas

This week, we would like to welcome Herbas from Croatia as one of our new exhibitors!   HERBAS d.o.o. is a designer and manufacturer of agricultural and tobacco processing machinery and equipment for medicinal plant processing, goods transport and food industry. Their machines and equipment are used by multiple domestic and foreign companies and in compliance with the strictest quality requirements. (more…)

Malaysian Partnership

We are proud to announce our Malaysian Partnership with Geo-Artha.   Geo Artha Worldwide Trading was established in 2009 which is owned 100% Muslim. Geo Artha is a company that focuses on the role of Marketing and International Trade as well as an import export services company in Marketing & International Trade  to market Malaysian Halal products around the world for products registered as Geo Artha Vendor. Geo Artha collect, promote and market the various categories of Malaysian halal products to several countries which had previously collaborated with Geo Artha such as  UAE, Thailand, Europe, Korea, China, India and Indonesia. Geo Artha highly experienced and expert in international marketing strategy, acting as International Marketing Consultant assisted by International Marketing Agents who have been trained by Geo Artha to strengthen the role of export services among entrepreneurs cum producer to market Malaysian halal products to the world. Welcome to deal with Geo Artha for various categories of HALAL PRODUCTS made in Malaysia which is ready to export.  

Exhibitor Spotlight – Cretan HerbalChem

This week, we would like to welcome Cretan HerbalChem from Greece as one of our new exhibitors! Cretan Herbalchem S.A. is a newly established company in the area of Natural Products. It is located 30 Km from the city of Heraklion, in an unspoiled natural environment. They recently completed a major investment in infrastructure and state of the art equipment, of the most advanced technology, for the production of plant extracts, essential oils and isolation of naturally occurring bioactive compounds. (more…)

MAP-Expo natural based products

MAP-Expo is hét zakelijk evenement voor natuurlijke producten. Therapeuten, artsen, groothandelaren, winkelketens, etc. (zowel nationaal als internationaal) zullen aanwezig zijn op dit evenement. Bij inkopers constateren we een grote groei in de vraag naar verschillende natuurlijke producten. Door samen met de exposanten een sterk aanbod te creëren, speelt  MAP-Expo in op deze trend. Tevens wordt het congress “Natural-based products – Evidence based effectiveness” georganiseerd in samenwerking met de NVF (Nederlandse Vereniging Fytotherapie) wat tussen de 200 en 400 artsen en therapeuten zal trekken. Interesse om ook deel te nemen, neem contact ons op via bart@map-expo.com  Klik hier om de brochure te downloaden.   

MAP-Expo at EIHA-Conference in 2 weeks

As partners of EIHA, MAP-Expo will present itself at the EIHA-Conference (12-13 June 2018) in 2 weeks. The previous edition of MAP-Expo showed the potential of the HEMP Industry. The seminar "Cannabidiol - from farm to end product" and the exhibitors attracted large numbers of high-quality visitors. These visitors were all interested in doing business with our exhibiting companies or were looking for ways to establish themselves in the industry. Building on this success, the edition in 2018 will put even more focus on the HEMP Industry. We hope to see you there!

Common plants used in Cosmetics

          The use of medicinal & aromatic plants in cosmetic products are one of the four themes covered in the Expo. This article contains information of some of these plants.     Tea Tree oil Tea tree oil is an essential oil of the tea tree also known as the Melaleuca alternifolia. This oil has an antibacterial effect and is therefore used in various cosmetic products. Because it is heavily concentrated, tea tree oil has to be combined with water or alcohol. It can be used to treat acne or any other skin disease as well as youth pimples.  (more…)

Tickets available for MAP-Expo 2018

You can order your tickets for the MAP-Expo at: http://map-expo.com/tickets/  1-day ticket: € 20,-- 2-day ticket: € 35,--

MAP-Expo news May 2018

  Seminar NVF The Dutch society for Fytotherapy as a scientific association , is committed to the quality and reliability of plant-based medicines. The NVF publishes the Dutch paper for Fytotherapy four times a year. In addition, the NVF publishes an educational guide with training opportunities in the field of Fytotherapy. After the successful edition in 2017 where the NVF organized the Holland Fyto house, the 2018 expo looks promising. (more…)