NAREDI – Belgian Federation for Food supplements, dietary and organic products

NAREDI is the official representative of the Food Supplements Industry in Belgium. NAREDI takes care of a reliable information to its members and defends the interests of the sector towards the Belgian authorities and stakeholders. At the European level, NAREDI is an active member of the European Federation EHPM, the official contact point for the European institutions. Consequently NAREDI is giving an important input to the process aimed at keeping the European legislation as adequate and workable as possible. (more…)

Youth Organic Farmer Club

The Y Farmers Project will foster cooperation and exchanges between EU and Project Partner countries, which will last after the project closure.  (more…)


The project applicant would like to transfer the know – how recently developed by the consortium from EU countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Spain) consisted of NGO working with Youth, 2 Universities, Technology Center and Research Institute and to introduce innovative educational and training methods including Open Education Resource with 3 educational chapters Collection/Cultivation/Processing and on-line monitoring system within the herbal incubators in the partner countries – Costa Rica, Brasil and Jamaica for youth in poverty.    (more…)

Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Fytotherapie (NVF)

De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fytotherapie maakt zich als wetenschappelijke vereniging sterk voor kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid van plantaardige geneesmiddelen. De NVF geeft viermaal per jaar het Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fytotherapie uit. Daarnaast is de NVF uitgever van een onderwijsgids met opleidingsmogelijkheden op het gebied van fytotherapie. De NVF fungeert ook als netwerk voor professionals die bij elkaar terecht kunnen met vragen, voor verdieping en om belangen te behartigen. Het netwerk functioneert zowel één op één als via commissies en studiegroepen.  Website: | Email: | Phone: +31 (0) 6-17 28 82 68


The Netherlands-Canada Chamber of Commerce (NCCC) is a non-profit organization promoting trade, investment, industry, commercial services and cultural affairs between Canada and the Netherlands. NCCC and MAP EXPO team cooperate with each other to support Canadian companies present at MAP EXPO 2017, as well as to celebrate 150 year birthday of Canada. Address: PO Box 95577, NL-2509CN The Hague, The Netherlands | Phone: +31 (70) 2210 555 | Email:

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) helps entrepreneurs, research institutes, universities, technology centers and institutions for business and innovation development charge with finding partners worldwide. EEN network consists of more than 600 organizations (including National Enterprising Netherlands and the Chamber of Commerce) in over 60 countries. (more…)