International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ICMAP)

In a meeting on 8 June 1993 at the Secretariat of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) in Paris, nine international organizations decided to establish, following the recommendation of the 1st World Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (WOCMAP-I), an international non-governmental body with the name: International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ICMAP) with the general objective as promoting international understanding and cooperation between national and international organizations on the role of medicinal and aromatic plants in science, medicine and industry, and to improve the exchange of information between them. This Council coordinates and stimulates cooperation between partners by providing a forum for mobilizing ideas, actions, discussions, long term visions, measures in education and training in all fields related to these plants that play such an important part in the lives of human beings throughout the world. World Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Human and Animal Welfare (WOCMAP VI) on 1-5 May 2019 in Antalya, Turkey. NBI International & MAP EXPO team will contribute to the exhibition & business matching of the Congress. Website:

Rustrade – Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands

Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands, is the official diplomatic institution, part of the Russian missions abroad system operating in the Netherlands under the political leadership of the Embassy, acting on the basis of bilateral intergovernmental agreements on the establishment of sales offices and represents trade and economic interests of Russia in the Netherlands. Study of export offers of Russian producers of non-primary sector of the economy is a priority. In turn, foreign companies with the support of the Trade Representation shall seek suppliers of various products from Russia, potential investors as well as consumers of products manufactured in the Netherlands, the demand on the Russian market. website:

Viet Herbs Joint Stock Company

Vherbs was born from a long standing dream of Mr. Tran Trong Lam, who wished to revive his family’s trade in traditional medicine from hundreds of years ago in an area of Hanoi’s suburbs. His burning passion was to develop that family tradition based on Vietnam’s source of rich natural and medicinal herbs. His companion in this project is Traditional Medicine Pharmacist Nguyen Thi Nga, with support from a Board of Professional Advisors made up of renowned Scientists: Professor, Academician, Doctor of Science Dai Duy Ban and Associate Professor, Doctor of Science Phan Quoc Kinh. | Main business areas: Provider of clean medicinal materials, Manufacturer of supplements, Herbal tea | Website: | Phone: (+84.8) 66 839 871  | Email:

Netherlands Iran Business Council (NIBC)

The Netherlands Iran Business Council (NIBC) is a Dutch organisation aiming on improving trade relations between the Netherlands and Iran. We support Dutch and Iranian companies searching for market opportunities in both countries as well as those companies that are already active and want to expand their activities. Using our business network, knowledge and experience will assist companies to understand business opportunities and find suitable trading partners. Website: | Phone: +31646767890 | Email:

SIL Trading Consulting

SIL Trading Consulting: a dynamic, international consultancy firm aiming primarily to strengthen trade relations between the Netherlands and the Middle East, Iran in particular. We have built up a business network in both regions that enables us to introduce enterprises to new markets. We facilitate companies in establishing and extending their activities and we can play a role in finding suitable trading partners. SIL Trading Consulting is capable of bridging the two regions. Website: | Phone: Netherland Office: +31646767890, Iran Tehran: +982188660616 | Email:

Greek Exports – MAP EXPO partner

Greek Exports main aim lies in strengthening Greek companies’ extroversion. The staff of Greek Exports, both scientifically confident and professionally experienced is managing the development of new markets for its clients, by outlining comprehensive strategy plans, using modern exports methods and its expertise in conventional and e-commerce features. website: | email: | T: +30 2310 474115