The project applicant would like to transfer the know – how recently developed by the consortium from EU countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Spain) consisted of NGO working with Youth, 2 Universities, Technology Center and Research Institute and to introduce innovative educational and training methods including Open Education Resource with 3 educational chapters Collection/Cultivation/Processing and on-line monitoring system within the herbal incubators in the partner countries – Costa Rica, Brasil and Jamaica for youth in poverty. 

The project’s aims is to increase capacities of the entities from Costa-Rica, Brazil and Jamaica for vocational education, training and quality in the work with Youth in the field of collection, cultivation and processing the medicinal and aromatic plants and to increase mobility for workers with Youth into the Project partner countries. Among the targets is development of the Open Educational Resource with sophisticated training forms and professionalized herb processing methods in order to introduce innovative production of herbal products by Youth and organisations working with Youth and such support their entrepreneurship of Youth and organisations working with Youth.