E.H. Worlee & Co. B.V.

Chemicals, natural products and cosmetics – do they go together? That is certainly a fair question. Our answer, however, is quite clear: yes, they most definitely do. Under the umbrella of the Worlée group, three business pillars in the areas of chemical, natural and cosmetic raw materials have each established themselves in their very own market segment.

Since 1851, the family company has been active in the international market for raw materials, and over the years it has continually adapted to the requirements of the market. Today’s Worlée is run by a fifth generation of family management. At our company, extensive experience and the most modern technology combine with unconventional thinking and a strong instinct for future trends.

From water-based alkyd resins to exotic fruits to biodegradable exfoliants, all of Worlée’s product lines clearly reflect the northern German family company’s economical, ecological and social standards. Along with comprehensive quality management that has achieved certification according to numerous standards, sustainability is a decisive issue that is firmly established at all levels within the Worlée Group.



Country: The Netherlands


Website: www.worlee.de