Producer and Supplier of medicinal and aromatic plants

From July 2005, PMA28 has cultivated, harvested, dried and processed its crops in line with the GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices).

However varied they may be, all plants demand a lot of attention : perhaps the technical names of Alder Buckthorn, Common Sage, Chamomile, Black Psyllium or Horse Chestnut mean nothing to you, however, they are amongst the numerous medicinal and aromatic plants which surround us.
For each of the 40 species we cultivate, we identify :

  • the scientific name (genus, species eg : Fumaria officinalis)
  • the part of the plant that is used (root, leaf, seed, and so on)
  • the active ingredients sought
  • the soil and climatic conditions required
  • implantation : sowing or planting
  • vegetative development (mechanical harvesting possible !)
  • the harvesting stage
  • the potential yield

560 other dried plants are supplied throughout the world (in over 60 countries) and we offer around 1,500 catalogue entries.

Country: France