MAP-Expo 2018 Evaluation


The second edition of MAP-Expo – The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants in 2018 is considered to have been both impressive and satisfying to exhibitors and visitors. Both the discussions on the floor and our exhibitors from 20 different countries have proven that MAP-Expo has established itself as an international platform for the Medicinal & Aromatic Plants industry.

Participating countries


Growth of MAP-Expo 2018

The graphics below display the growth of MAP-Expo. As you can see we welcomed 49 exhibitors from 16 different countries in our first edition. This has increased to 74 exhibitors from 20 different countries in 2018. We are satisfied with these results. Both the increase in number of exhibitors and exhibiting countries bodes well for the future growth of the expo.













General Satisfaction


Following the trend of our first edition, the general satisfaction of both exhibitors and visitors was positive. Finding potential business partners and clients is one of the most-important targets exhibitors wish to achieve by participating in MAP-Expo 2018. Thanks to the internationality of the event  and the invited visitors by NBI-International, exhibitors were able to achieve their goals.

As many exhibitors had a successful event, we are glad to welcome them once again for our edition in 2019.


Seminar Program


During MAP-Expo 2018 we hosted 10 different speaking sessions over the course of 2 days with varying topics. Several speaking sessions on Cannabidiol, a workshop for Greek herbs, 2 different speaking sessions on Ho Chi Minh City and information on soil biology.

We have had positive feedback on these seminars and will continue to organise more seminars on relevant topics in the future.


Future of MAP-Expo


For the future concept we identify the following supply chain.

Seed – Plant – Cultivation – Extracts – End product

We have seen at the event that there is much potential in bringing together this supply chain in the medicinal & aromatic plants industry. Seed, plant and Technology/research were all well represented at our event. End-Product is our ideal visitors profile. Future concepts will be about creating a reliable way to supply extracts to the manufacturers of end products from medicinal & aromatic plants.

We are the international platform for the medicinal & aromatic plants industry and with our event we can build bridges between the categories mentioned above.