MAP EXPO 2017 Evaluation


In the first edition in 2017, MAP EXPO – The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants is considered to have been impressive and satisfying to both exhibitors and visitors. 49 exhibitors from 16 countries and B2B visitors, embassies from 31 countries have enabled MAP EXPO to be a proven international platform. Discussions on the floor have also given evidence over increasing demand for material supplies, either with top quality for pharmaceutical industries, or at lower quality but well-categorized for food and cosmetics industries.

Countries of exhibitors

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Next to the Netherlands, visitors are coming from other 30 countries:

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From the surveyed participants, we have received feedbacks as below. In general most of the exhibitors and the visitors find MAP EXPO worthy of their time.

MAP EXPO general satisfactionFinding business partners and clients are the most important targets for exhibitors. The exhibitors have meet potential clients from other countries thank to the international nature of MAP EXPO. 56% of the surveyed exhibitors find potential clients from 2 foreign countries above, while up to 20% of the exhibitors find potential clients from 5 different countries above.


Exhibitors have high opinion of supports of the organizer at MAP EXPO.

MAP EXPO satisfation with NBI support

At MAP EXPO 2017, we have launched the matching program for meetings between exhibitors – visitors and also visitors – visitors. While the first launching always have unsatisfying points, both exhibitors and visitors have given positive feedbacks. We have listened to all the participants to improve this matching program in the next edition.

MAP EXPO matching program evaluation

The last and the most motivating feedback is that 96% of the exhibitors and 93% of the visitors are considering coming back to the 2nd edition of MAP EXPO in 2018.

MAP EXPO 2018 is expected to grow in numbers of both exhibitors and visitors, because our participants in 2017 find the expo valuable to recommend to others in their network.

MAP EXPO recommend to others

The 2nd edition of MAP EXPO – The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants will take place on 3rd and 4th October 2018.

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MAP EXPO – The Global Marketplace for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.