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  • Research, Business & Investing in industrial hemp 2020

Topics for the seminar (more driven by scientific insights and facts):

  1.  Developments in the cannabis / hemp market, worldwide, in Europe and in the Netherlands;
  2. Use of cannabis / hemp for certain diseases;
  3. Organize of medical trials with medicinal plant extracts;
  4. Personalized medication with medicinal plant extracts.
  • Seminar for global growers, traders and processors of aromatic and medicinal plants.

In the coming years, medicinal and aromatic crops will be used more often to replace existing chemical and pharmaceutical solutions. One can think of commonly used medicines for humans and animals, crop protection and the food industry.

Topics for the seminar:

  1. Old and new areas of application for medicinal plants (what can you do with it)
  2. Legislation and certification by processing, growing and collecting MAPS
  3. Product development, market approach and distribution.

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The cooperation between NBI-International
and Enterprise Europe Network organizes an
international matchmaking program between
exhibitors and investors in the product chain of MAPs. It gives you easy access to key-players in the MAP-Industry.
Thanks to dedicated match-making free for every exhibitor and visitor (on pre-registration) it is possible to come
in contact with anyone who could be of importance for your company. This can be suppliers of all sorts, advisors,
experts in certification, or buyers/people with buying intentions.

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NVF: Netherlands Association for Phytotherapy 

The Netherlands Association for Phytotherapy (NVF) organised in 2018 a successful conference in partnership with NBI International. 

Worldwide, there is an increasing demand for natural products. They could provide the answer to many of the questions that modern healthcare is struggling with. 

International speakers from diverse disciplines ensured a top quality conference! The programme was under supervision of moderator Prof. Dr Rob Verpoorte, Natural products laboratory, IBL, Leiden University.

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