The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

MAP-Expo – Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic plants is an international platform for the whole supply chain of MAPs. Due to the increasing demand for natural products, it is necessary to boost the production of MAPs. MAP-Expo is about establishing a network for current and future business, closing deals and sharing knowledge about the developments of MAPs.


  • Seminar Ayurveda: 7 & 8 October
    Seminar Ayurveda: 7 & 8 oktober. Organisator: Cornelis Peters. Director van Europa Ayurveda Centrum & Ayurveda doctor.   (more…)...
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  • Traditional African Medicine during MAP Expo 2020
    Traditional herbal preparations should be studied with the idea of using them to replace more toxic, synthetic drugs.  (more…)...
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  • Hemp Pavilion at MAP Expo 2020
    On the MAP 2020 in Utrecht, ITIC-Global will host an area specialized for companies in the hemp industry. (more…)...
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