5 essential oils you need to have at home

Essential oils or oils extracted from aromatic plants are capable of curing a wide range of health conditions. They are natural anti-depressants, pain-relievers, mood and immunity boosters. Here are five essential oils that you need to have at home. 


Lavender has antiseptic properties that help kill bacteria and fungus. A few drops can heal burns, skin irritation and prevent blisters. It’s also a relaxant and few drops in your bath-tub after a hard day at work can ease all the stress and prep you for a good night’s sleep. It’s also effective in removing bad smells from washrooms or garbage bins at home. Put a few drops in the area to rid it of the foul smell.


Eucalyptus is generally used as a remedy to cure cough and cold and stuffy noses. A powerful anti-bacterial agent, eucalyptus can be used at home to stop common infections such as influenza from spreading. Diffuse a few drops in the rooms and prevent others from getting sick. It helps the body to expel excess mucus and provides instant relief.

Tea tree

Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial disinfectant. Recent research has proved that it has many medicinal benefits. It is effective against urinary infections, itchiness, acne, cuts, insect bites, sun burns, athlete’s foot, warts, herpes and dandruff.


Lemon is known for its ability to cleanse the system of harmful toxins. According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, lemon oil is the most powerful anti-microbial agent among all essential oils. Inhale a few drops to for an instant mood lift and to curb sweet cravings. Use it to moisturise your skin and to get a natural glow. It’s also soothing on the stomach and aids in digestion after a big meal.


This is highly effective against headaches and bloating. Put a drop near your temples and massage, and blend it with some face oil and rub it around to get rid of a nagging headache. Peppermint oil can also be rubbed on aching and sore muscles. This oil also tends to keep you alert, so use it when you are struggling to meet deadlines.