After movie webinar: Unlocking the potential of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation in this unique webinar, in which stakeholders from throughout the MAP supply chain and participants exchanged thoughts and insights on the potential of the MAP sector for farmers in countries worldwide, and on what is needed to unlock this potential in a sustainable way.
There are two main take-aways. To unlock the potential and secure its future success we need to:
  1. Organize a sector that is transparent and complies with high quality standards to ensure product efficacy and safety throughout the supply chain. 
  2. Ensure the success of the farmer and collector communities of the herbs, plants and plant parts we need for our and their health. We can only build a successful sector on a solid business case for farmer communities and local economies, creating new green economy opportunities based on local and export markets, sustainable production methods and the creation of local welfare and wellbeing for all.
This we will need to do in a joint effort with all sector players and stakeholders. We hope that this webinar marked the start of such a process.
We will try to answer questions that remained unanswered as soon as possible and keep you informed on next steps.
If you missed out on this webinar or want to review it, you can find it here: 
Best wishes and stay healthy.