Target Visitors

On the expo floor, we target visitors who are governments & governmental delegates, businesspeople, purchase managers, purchase staff, decision makers, business development managers, and entrepreneurs of:

  • MAP & tea companies & suppliers
  • Independent producers off the products essential oil, powder herbal material, resins, gels, tinctures, syrups, active ingredients in herbs, specialty plant-based chemicals, fatty oils, fresh juices, food supplements & nutraceuticals, cosmetics basis, medicinal basis etc.
  • Cosmetics & beauty producer
  • Wellness industry & functional food
  • Nutraceutical producers & private brands
  • Food, food recipe Chains, and catering service chain
  • OTC & ethical pharmaceutical distributors,

The target visitors are invited from North American countries, 28 European countries, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. The producers of MAPs & MAP Product are coming from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.