Target visitors

MAP EXPO organizer targets the visitors who are businesspeople, purchase managers, purchase staff, decision makers, business development managers, and entrepreneurs of

  • Cosmetics & beauty producers
  • Wellness industry & functional food, nutraceutical producers
  • Nutrition supplement producers for both food & feed
  • Food, food recipe chains, and catering service chain
  • Independent producers of the products from the plants: oils, resins, gels, powders, tinctures, syrups,
  • OTC & ethical pharmaceuticals industries
  • Lifestyle & spa industries
  • And local importers & suppliers to the industries above

The target visitors are invited from North American countries, European countries, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan – the global hubs for the consumption and import of MAPs. In addition MAP EXPO 2017 welcomes visitors from other countries with special interests in traditional or modern application from MAPs.