Hemp pavilion at MAP-Expo 2020

During the next Expo for Medicinal and Aromatic plants, we would like to offer you a spot in our hemp pavilion. On the MAP 2020 in Utrecht, ITIC-Global will host an area specialized for companies in the hemp industry. Therefore, if you have an interesting product, innovation, or if you are looking for new customers and partners, this is the fair where you should go. Furthermore will we also invite potential customers and future partners for your company, to whom you can showcase your products and your newest innovations.

During the MAP Expo, prominent companies covering all parts of the value chain for medicinal and aromatic plants from all over the world will be present showcasing their products. Also will you learn about the newest innovations in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants, and innovations in entrepreneurship. This expo will feature great speakers who will tell more about the new research and development in the field, including Mister Harm Hids, R&D director of Medcolcanna Organics, and the developer of a medicinal cannabis protocol for the treatment of Crohn’s disease. Harm Hids is a renowned researcher and expert in the field of cannabis and medicinal plant extracts (amongst which CBD). During the MAP Expo he will, together with Jan Siemons from the International trade and Investment Center (ITIC-Global), release a global and unique platform for best in class medicinal plant extracts, contributing to human health and wellbeing.

During the last year Harm has together with several researchers, doctors and experts in the field created a global platform which will become the go-to place for medicinal plant extracts and cannabinoid related products.. This platform will be based on AI technology, where customers get advice on which products to buy after answering a few short questions. This way we can deliver a personalized solution, made possible by AI technology, and backed up by science. The platform will showcase many different best-in-class products, such as medicinal plant extracts, products for pets, edibles, seeds, healthcare products, CBD and cosmetics, all made from medicinal plant extracts. Therefore, the MAP expo is a great way to get in touch, and find out what the possibilities are for joining the global platform.

More info: Jan Siemons jan.siemons@silcglobal.com