MAP Marketing

Giving local companies an international presence

Besides our profound knowledge of MICE, we understood that to be a true global partner for companies, we had to expand our services. Not only with Trading MAP but with a service that helps companies excell commercially: we call it Marketing MAP.

We partnered up with a world-class marketing partner, where you can outsource all your marketing needs. To take your market development to the next level, marketing is a key link in the process. So Marketing MAP is a one stop shop for all your marketing activities: from designing and building your company website for a specific country or continent, to actively gene
generate leads and initiate campaigns to engage prospects. It is all part of our unique full service marketing outsourcing concept!

Trading MAP
On the MAP-expo we also noticed that in most cases the suppliers are there, but have trouble finding suitable buyers and vice versa. This is why we started with Trading MAP. We focus on linking suppliers and buyers in a way so that it is beneficial for all parties. This
includes whole plants, extracts, distillates and any other product that can be won from medicinal and aromatic plants. Thanks to our network of farmers and greenhouse gardeners we are even capable of ‘plant on demand’. A concept where the buyer can invest in a single farmer/greenhouse to make sure you will never have trouble finding your product again. A unique opportunity
for both suppliers and buyers to guarantee quality, quantity and delivery time.

Download here the MAP-Marketing brochure