Research into medicinal plants can help cure many diseases

Global meet on innovations in pharma, medical, bio-sciences begins

At the inaugural ceremony, Shailendra Shraf, Vice President, Pharmacy Council of India talked about the various researches going on in the field of Pharmaceutical science. Dr Avijeet Jain, secretary of the organising committee informed that a collaborative research project will be started to take the research works which show promise forward. “There have been several presentations and discussions on the use of medicinal plants and colon targetting and we are hoping that we will find some great innovations and researches from the research papers”, he said.


“The use of herbal plants should be promoted as they are beneficial in the long run and it is one of the key areas on which the medical sector should focus on”, said Dr Veeranoot Nissapatorn of Malaysia who was present as the guest of honour at the meet.

Dr Nissapatron further said, “There is a possibility that medicinal plants will be able to cure diseases as researches in various countries are going on the compounds found in medicinal plants and they look promising.” She also added that India is the hub of herbal products. “I myself use herbal products and also take raw garlic as suggested by Ayurveda to keep my hypertension in control”, she added.

Dr Nataliya, member of Ukraine Pharmaceutical council, talked about the importance of regulatory aspect in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Referring to the need of collaborative researches and promotion of innovative academic groups, she said that regulations are basically directed towards giving research projects the right direction.