Seminar on local and export markets for indigenous herbs

During the 4th edition of MAP-EXPO a seminar will be organized for global growers, traders and processors of aromatic and medicinal plants

1. Old and new areas of application for medicinal plants (what can you do with it)
2. Legislation and certification by processing, growing and collecting MAPS
3. Product development, market approach and distribution.
In the coming years, medicinal and aromatic crops will be used more often to replace existing chemical and pharmaceutical solutions. One can think of commonly used medicines for humans and animals, crop protection and the food industry.

A good way of upgrading your farm is to start growing, collecting and processing of local (indegenous) medicinal and aromatic plants.

Nick Sinke, farmer and professor Biosfeer Groede, The Netherlands: “These could be herbs, shrubs, grasses or trees. Annual, biennial or perennial plants”.

• Farmers are very interested in getting to work with new crops, but often lack the required knowledge and expertise to turn this into sales.
• Processors are increasingly seeing the possibilities of adding value to their
harvest through (partial) processing.
• Manufacturers are looking for safe and reliable ingredients for their
innovative products. Many products depend on the cultivation and processing of plant parts. Such as, essential oils, CBD, tea, dried herbs, cosmetic ingredients, food supplements, alternative medicines for humans, animals, fragrance and flavorings.

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