Seminar Cannabis, Hemp and CBD sector

Seminar Research and Development in the Cannabis, Hemp and CBD sector

Hemp and CBD have caught the public’s imagination as ingredients offering a host of health benefits. The global CBD-market is accelerating at a tremendous pace as researchers and innovative entrepreneurs introduce a plethora of ways to consume cannabis- and CBD-products.

The cannabis industry demands for reliable answers and valorisation of existing know-how, existing within close industries. There is area of improvement in the R&D through broader osmosis with the knowledgeable  pharma and botanical extraction industry as well as with universities and academia. An overview of the state-of-the-art technologies and proposed processing steps will be presented.

The CBD-sector should also focus on innovation, research and development.  A consumer-centric approach to innovation is important for the growth of this market. During this seminar some experts will discuss value creation by doing the following:

  1. Fundamental and clinical research;
  2. Implementing strict transparency regulations and accredited certification procedures;
  3. The adoption of personalized CBD-intake by making use of advanced applications.

The speakers will contribute to reduce the uncertainty among consumers about the health impact of functional CBD-products and  medicinal herbs.

Keynote speakers of the seminar are from different countries:

  1. Harm Hids, co-founder of Natural ReLeaf BV, R&D-director MedColCanna, European expert in research and development in the field of CBD- and cannabis products;
  2. Prof. Dr. Behrooz Alizadeh, Medical Doctor & Associate Professor Genetic Epidemiology & Personalised Medicine at the University Medical Center of the Groningen University in The Netherlands;
  3. Dr. Nikos Xynos, a pharmaceutical scientist with PhD in Phytochemistry, focusing on green & state-of-the-art extraction and purification technologies. He also has an MSc in formulation for the cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sector;
  4. Linda Dijkshoorn, CEO and founder of the Holland base EV Biotech, which is bio-technological company that develops state-of-the-art microbial cell factory (MCF) strains for effective and sustainable production of chemical compounds on demand;
  5. Richard C. Wimsatt, American co-owner of the Chinese company DRAGON FLY, a production and trading company of CBD-products and TCM-products. Richard is also chairman of the association “Purpose Life Group”, which organization supports the expansion of impact-driven companies seeking to develop personalized medicine projects with long term value objectives. The Purpose Life Group is the official representative of the French company “Exactcure SAAu”. This French company is specialized in Personalized Medication;
  6. Jan Siemons, Chairman of the International Trade & Investment Center, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Natural ReLeaf BV.

Harm Hids, Co-Founder of Natural ReLeaf B.V. will moderate the following sessions:

Prof. Dr. Behrooz Alizadeh of UMCG
Mr. Alizadeh will speak on the place for natural substances in medical trials. The clinical researcher will touch the following subjects:

  • Intellectual property rights on active pharmaceutical ingredients;
  • Financing the clinical trials;
  • Personalisation of the treatment with natural substances;
  • Importance of the administration for the bioavailability of the substances.

Dr. Nikos Xynos, pharmaceutical scientist with PhD in phytochemistry
More information soon

Linda Dijkshoorn, CEO EV Biotech
Linda will share her experiences with computationally focussed microbial cell factory strain development company performing CRO activities (see also

Richard C. Wimsatt, representative of the French company Exactcure SAAu
Richard will elaborate on artificial Intelligence for Personalized Medication, in particular with a focus on CBD and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. Jan Siemons, Chairman of the International Trade & Investment Center
Jan will show the artificial  intelligence based Digital Global Platform “Natural ReLeaf” with best-in-class certified plant extract products.