Seminar “Cannabidiol – From farm to end product”

Included in MAP EXPO is the trendy topic “Cannabidiol” applied in the pharmaceuticals and beauty care industries. Certainly the theme attracts fair share of controversy due to differences in related legislations between countries.

Industrial hemp is furthermore the link between MAP – herbal sector and bio-based economy. The seminar “Cannabidiol – From farm to end product” will mention not only the legal aspects but also CBD’s applications, as well as cultivation practices. 

The seminar is carried out according to the cooperation between MAP EXPO team, Nova Instituut, and the organisations of the speakers. 

Co-organizer: Nova Institute

Nova Institute is the corganizer of the seminar, supporting MAP EXPO team in both content development, invitation program, and connection with EU bio-based economy sector.  

The nova-Institute was founded as a private and independent institute in 1994. It is located in the Chemical Park Knapsack in Huerth, which lies at the heart of the chemical industry around Cologne (Germany). For the last two decades, nova-Institute has been globally active in feedstock supply, techno-economic and environmental evaluation, market research, dissemination, project management and policy for a sustainable bio-based economy. 

Nova Insitute MAP EXPO partner

Tentative agenda

Time Contents Speakers
11:00 – 11:30 Industrial hemp extracts & pharma grade CBD isolates: several legal perspectives

Is there a regulatory difference between cannabis plant and cannabis on UNO level? What is Production and Manufacture? Do states have a obligation to control cultivation of cannabis plant?
Does a term “industrial hemp” exists in any legal framework?

What is “CBD oil”? What is a difference between cannabis extracts and Cannabidiol isolate?
Has statement “less 0.2% THC” any validity at all with regards to end user products intended to oral or topical use?
Cannabidiol is becoming attractive to EU consumers. Cannabidiol is not a recognised food ingredient not food additive. So what are the options for producers to introduce end-user products enriched with CBD without breaking industry rules? What about crude cannabis extract or its tinctures? Is there any room for these ingredients in legal supply chain?


Mr. Boris Baňas

company director & CSO, CBDepot, s.r.o.

11:35 – 12:05 From Farm to End Products – Cultivars, Harvest, Yields, Extraction

The presentation covers the single steps of the production chain starting from seed to harvest, from different extraction methods to the final end-products.


Mr. Joscha Krauss

General Manager, MH Medical hemp GmbH


12:10 – 12:40 Patient Focused Certification – Standards for safe cannabis production

 Patient Focused Certification – standards for safe cannabis production: PFC is a certification program for cannabis products developed by Americans for Safe Access (ASAF), american patient organization. ICCI has license to provide PFC world wide. PFC provides consumers a way to recognize products that have been produce according to highest safety standards and way for companies to demonstrate their commitment those standards for consumers and governments. PFC is intended not only for patients, but also for providers of medical care, companies, regulatory bodies and policy makers. 



Ms. Hana Gabrielová

CEO, Hempoint