Partnership announcement: ProFound – MAP-Expo

The team of MAP-Expo proudly announces the partnership with ProFound!   ProFound is a consultancy company. From its beginnings as a pioneer in natural ingredients trade promotion in 1990, ProFound has grown into a team of experts in developing sustainable value chains for natural ingredients for food, cosmetics and health. To quote their mission: “Local income generation and sustainable sourcing by linking natural ingredients producers to the market” (more…)

Continuing Cooperation MAP Expo – Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER

We proudly announce the continuation of our partnership with Dr. Maloupa (Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER).   Last edition, we organised a workshop on how to work with medicinal & aromatic plants. Expect another workshop coming in our third edition. Together, we will enthuse the MAP-Industry in Greece and we will invite Greek companies to participate in MAP-Expo 2019 (more…)

Trading MAP

What is Trading-MAP and what can we do for you?   After organising the MAP-expo successfully for three times we build a strong and reliable network of every player in the industry. This includes (inter)national farmers, greenhouse gardeners, educational/research institutes and processors. A network too strong to leave unused besides the expo. (more…)

Interactive speaking sessions on establishing the MAP-Economy

  During one of NBI-International's other events (Limburg Unlimited | www.limburg-unlimited.com), the team of MAP-Expo will have an interactive discussion on the subject of medicinal & aromatic plants. One of the main subjects will be developing a new economy in MAPs. This is an open discussion but focusses on embassies, trade offices and the organisers of MAP-Expo. More information will follow.