Exhibitor Spotlight – Phytopharm-Trade

Proud to announce another exhibitor, Phytopharm-trade from Ukraine!



Phytopharm-trade LLC represents a new breed of Ukrainian businesses that abide to high ethical and moral principles in doing business from the very start. The Company performs herbs procurement, quality control, storage and sales.

The Company set up in 2013. Our office is located in Ivano-Frankivsk, 600 km from the capital of Ukraine. A storage capacity is placed in Ivano-Frankivsk, and in the central part of Ukraine .

Among our clients – large Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies.

Currently has registered the trademark HerbTea.

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Machinery at MAP-Expo 2018









Nateco2 and Alvan Blanch


Both Nateco2 from Germany and Alvan Blanch from the UK will be joining our exhibitors at MAP-Expo 2018.

NATECO₂ – Natural essences purified by CO₂

One sustainable technology, a multitude of possibilities, one full-service provider

NATECO2 supports and confers with you about your requirements from R&D work to marketability, complies with your individual requirements regarding product and process design and takes on the responsibility for accomplishing commercial extractions. 

They are

  • service providers for toll-extractions up to product completion
  • consultants for case studies up to implementation of a new CO2-plant
  • researchers for feasibility tests up to analytics
  • developers of first ideas up to final products and processes

Alvan Blanch – Processing the World’s Crops

Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing and project engineering company with a global outlook, specialising in the design, production and supply of quality machines and integrated systems for the primary and secondary processing of agricultural produce and waste materials. They are proud of the reputation they have gained over more than 60 years for the quality of their innovative and reliable products and for the personal service that they give to all of their customers. An exceptionally wide product range encompasses some stages of mechanical processing for most of the world’s crops, varying in scale from individual machines to large-scale industrial projects.

Their Mission

Using sixty years of experience to address the agricultural and environmental challenges of today’s changing world – to process our food resources more efficiently and to make better, safer use of our waste materials.






Natural Based Cosmetics




Natural based cosmetics

We all know the famous make up brands like MAC, Clinique and Maybelline. But what about make up brands that only use natural ingredients.

Just like the other brands, the natural make up brands have lipsticks, blushes, foundation and eye shadows. As well as anti – aging products.  

Producers use oils they extract from plants to hold the products together. The colour of the products come from;  Titanium Dioxide (white), Acid violet 50 (violet), Lycopene, dye from Calendula officinalis (yellow) and  Iron oxides (red).



Because of the natural ingredients natural cosmetics are popular for people with skin diseases like acne or allergies. The plant extracts can calm the skin instead of irritate it, this way people can still enjoy make up and feel and look beautiful.   

Brands that sell natural make up; 100% Pure, Juice Beauty, Real Purity, Afterglow, RMS Beauty and ILIA Beauty.


Exhibitor Spotlight – Pride Profit

We are excited to announce our returning exhibitor from last year; Pride Profit from Russia!


Pride Profit is a group of companies – manufacturer, Exporter and International seller – which works in the field of preparation, production, packaging, export, customs clearance, import and logistics.

They offer raw materials and finished products for export, which will be in demand in various areas of the food industry and additives, Dietary food and sports nutrition, for the production of medicine, cosmetics and rejuvenation, perfumery, biotechnology and other fields!

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Exhibitor Spotlight – Herbas

This week, we would like to welcome Herbas from Croatia as one of our new exhibitors!


HERBAS d.o.o. is a designer and manufacturer of agricultural and tobacco processing machinery and equipment for medicinal plant processing, goods transport and food industry. Their machines and equipment are used by multiple domestic and foreign companies and in compliance with the strictest quality requirements. Continue reading “Exhibitor Spotlight – Herbas”