Trading MAP

What is Trading-MAP and what can we do for you?


After organising the MAP-expo successfully for three times we build a strong and reliable network of every player in the industry.

This includes (inter)national farmers, greenhouse gardeners, educational/research institutes and processors.

A network too strong to leave unused besides the expo.

On the MAP-expo we also noticed that in most cases the suppliers are there, but have trouble finding suitable buyers and vice versa.

This is why we started with trading-MAP. We focus on linking suppliers and buyers in a way so that it is beneficial for all parties.

This includes whole plants, extracts, distillates and any other product that can be won from medicinal and aromatic plants.

Thanks to our network of farmers and greenhouse gardeners we are even capable of ‘plant on demand’.

A concept where the buyer can invest in a single farmer/greenhouse to make sure you will never have trouble finding your product again.

A unique opportunity for both suppliers and buyers to guarantee quality, quantity and delivery time.

Are you a farmer looking for new economic options? Or is your company short of or looking for a new natural product?

Trading-MAP is the solution for both.


Contact us for more information.

Glenn Habets G.C.J (Mr.)

Business Unit Coordinator, NBI International, The Netherlands

Work: +3140 246 36 26

Mobile: +316 40 86 84 14