Coffee & Tea Russian Expo

Coffee & Tea Russian Expo will gather more than 5 000 professionals of the coffee and tea industry. From 15 to 17 March 2018, for the fifth time in Moscow under the updated name Coffee & Tea Russian Expo will be held a coffee and tea exhibition and a conference, which can rightfully be considered one of the largest events in the segment in Russia and other CIS countries.

Coffee & Tea Russian Expo is the partner of MAP EXPO – The Global Marketplace for Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

In 2018, the exhibition will expand its borders to bring together more than 90 exhibitors, not only in the coffee and tea segments, but also other hot beverages. Over a three-day period, there will be more than 100 business events: discussions, cuppings, master classes and seminars – that are of interest to professionals as well as to those who are just planning to start their business. 

Coffee & Tea Russian Expo is not only a unique education site, but also an event that gathers the best masters of a coffee and tea business. The exhibit will traditionally comprise Russian Barista Days – russian barista competitions in a variety of coffee disciplines – the preparation of espresso, dairy beverages, latte art, coffee brewing, tastings, mixology and roasting. The unique Tea Masters Cup  project, which has got currency not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders, reconnects the best tea Masters in 4 directions – tea preparation, tea composition, mixology and tasting. 


Next year, the organisers will significantly expand the exhibition format not only by means of areas such as the Roasting Factory, Coffee Tea Lab, which have already become traditional, but also by new interactive zones. The exhibition will appear new platforms for those who want to get acquainted with tea traditions and innovations, subtleties of preparing coffee in ibrik, hot chocolate, and coffee and tea mixes.

“At present, our country is going through fundamental and dynamic transformations, affecting both business interests and the interests of ordinary coffee and tea consumers. In such circumstances, the meetings at various platform within the exhibition  are of particular importance: here, there is a unique opportunity to conduct a comprehensive analysis of current risks, to discuss with colleagues the prospects for industry development, and to outline the scenario of the stability improvement in coffee and tea business”, – says the Director General of the Association “Rusteacoffee”, President of CTRE Organizing Committee 2018 Ramaz Chanturiya. “There is no doubt that all the participants of the exhibition will have an excellent opportunity to find new partners and associates, upgrade their skills and obtain new positive energy to continue working for the benefit of coffee and tea”.

“Originally we conceived an event as a meeting place for business representatives, sharing new ideas and knowledge about coffee and tea, and I think we succeeded. The exhibition became a traditional gathering place for coffee and tea professionals not only from Russia but also from abroad. Year after year, the event gathers pace, and this is a really good development. An increasing number of people are involved in coffee and tea businesses, and there is an increasing number of baristas, roasters, tea masters who, in their turn, deliver knowledge about these amazing beverages to consumers at a new professional level. Many who participated in our earliest activities have already opened their own businesses, have reached new occupational heights, and it is great to be part of such a passionate community,” – notes the Project Director of Coffee & Tea Russian Expo Julia Chanturiya.

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The exhibition is organised by the  Coffee and Tea in Russia magazine with the support of the Association “Rusteacoffee”.


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Coffee and Tea in Russia magazine is the only professional edition on coffee and tea markets in Russia and other CIS countries, which has been established in 1997. The magazine highlights the most significant and relevant news from industry, contains scientific articles, analyses, statistics, and the views of the most important experts in the area of coffee and tea.