Update : International Business Point


International Business Point

The “International Business Point” is an introductory platform to discuss current and future developments in the industry of medicinal & aromatics plants, and how this generates opportunities for the agricultural industry of Limburg. NBI-International welcomes its network of embassy and trade offices to look at international opportunities for setting up an infrastructure in the supply chain of medicinal & aromatic plants for both the trade offices and the agricultural industry.

Due to the cancellation of Limburg Unlimited, this will session will be held both the 9th and 10th of October during MAP-Expo 2019.

Why should you attend?
  • Improve and expand on your current international relations
  • Present, discuss, develop new projects
  • Be on the forefront of a new economy
  • Find new business cases


  • Why medicinal & aromatic plants?
  • Raw materials, where to get them?
  • What does the ideal product chain look like?
  • Opportunities for the agricultural industry.


The speaking sessions are organised by the team of MAP-Expo.