Natural Halal Business

From Niche to Mainstream:

The Arab and Islamic market is an important market for halal producers. Partly due to the high purchasing power of the Arab and Muslim community, this sector has a value of almost € 70 billion. MENA region, for example, with over 350 million. Muslims and its central and therefore strategic location, is the ideal place to bring entrepreneurs from the global halal sector together.

Apart from the striking growth figures, the halal segments, including Food,
cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and plants, have a second point in common: More and more non-Muslims are active in these segments and more and more non-Muslims are using products and services in both the halal food sector, as the halal cosmetics, pharmacy and plant sector.

Several Halal Business related stands will be present with a booth at the MAP-Expo. If you are interested please contact us. 

During the MAP-Expo, Halal Plus will also held a natural Halal Business Seminar with the main topics about the Halal Sector. More info will be soon on our website. 

Dowload here the brochure from Natural Halal Business.