NBI Partnership with Netherlands Iran Business Council (NIBC)

The Netherlands Iran Business Council (NIBC) is a Dutch organization aiming to improve trade relations between the Netherlands and Iran. With many years of experience and excellent, up-to-date, local insights, we can assist your company in the search for market opportunities in both the Netherlands and Iran.

A NIBC representative from Iran will attend the MAP Expo as result from our fruitful partnership now and in the past.

As a result of this partnership, we have 2 large suppliers; Abron Caspian and Viracommerce. Worth checking out!


Viracommerce introduction:

We are a trading company active in the field of herbal medicines that offer herbs to various climates.

With a team of experienced experts and extensive communication network, we are able to offer several popular vegetable crops in the world. According to your request, our team can provide you with the quality and quantity of the plant of your choice. Servicing 24/7 We are always ready to provide the best suggestions and advice for all customers. If the product you are looking for and that product is not on our product cycle list, we can provide our specialists with the necessary information in order to provide it. And if it was possible, we would take the necessary steps to streamline its procurement.