Plant Health Cure – MAP-Expo Program


Plant Health Cure is specialist and market leader in the field of mycorrhiza technology and soil biology. They supply useful soil fungi and soil bacteria as well as other products that increase the plants self defence capabilities and allow them to function better. This makes it possible to save drastically on pesticides as well as on fertilisers. The user achieves at least the same production at lower costs and the plant is healthier. Plant Health Cure products thus offer a significant contribution to more sustainable green sectors.

In addition to exhibiting, the Director of Plant Health Cure, Pius Floris, will do a speaking session on the need for soil biology for healthy plants.

The problems for growers are steadily increasing. As the legal measures become stricter every year there is increasing pressure to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The CO2 emissions from the soil as a result of the use of artificial fertilizers leads to a weakening of the resistance of the soil and of plants. Plant Health Cure, internationally operating producer and supplier of mycorrhiza – and bacteria products and plant based fertilizers, based in the Netherlands, has a scientifically founded outlook on how growers can at the same time increase their yield and grow healthy crops, at lower costs.

The answer lies in soil biology. PHC director Pius Floris will take you on a journey underground and will clearly explain the need for soil biology for healthy plants.

PHC has made a unique animated video of plant growth underground. A contribution from PHC to the transition to a future-oriented agriculture and horticulture.

The film is available on youtube and vimeo in several languages. Below the Dutch trailer.