Exhibitor Spotlight – Herbas

This week, we would like to welcome Herbas from Croatia as one of our new exhibitors!


HERBAS d.o.o. is a designer and manufacturer of agricultural and tobacco processing machinery and equipment for medicinal plant processing, goods transport and food industry. Their machines and equipment are used by multiple domestic and foreign companies and in compliance with the strictest quality requirements.

Their chamomile harvesting and drying equipment includes combine harvesters, cylindrical separators, herbs cutters, drying chambers, flow chambers and other types of herb dryers. Their medicinal herbs processing programme includes chamomile processing lines, herbs processing lines (peppermint, lemon balm, nettle etc.), dust pellet mills and production machines for pneumatic transport systems, vibrating and planetary sieving machines, chamomile flower separators, pneumatic separators, herbs cutters, transporters, mixers,  bulk packaging machines and air filtration systems.

They are particularly proud of our chamomile processing lines, as it enables significant manufacturing cost reduction and optimization of internal transport and material storage, while significantly increasing productivity, quality and profitability. Their equipment and novelty technical and technological solutions ensure effective and efficient processing of chamomile and that has made them successful throughout the region and in the EU with major buyers recognising the quality they offer.

In cooperation with the biggest manufacturers of medicinal plants in the region (JAN-SPIDER Group, PLANTAŽE d.o.o, KLASIĆ d.o.o., MATRICARIA d.o.o. , PROXIMA-HERBS d.o.o., ATALIA d.o.o. and others) they have made a significant advancement in the technological and technical development of our equipment and machinery and succeeded in producing top quality machines for renowned clients such as ABOCCA, TOSCANA HERBS and others.

They also offer customized solutions in accordance with our clients’ needs and design and manufacture specialized machines and equipment.


We strongly recommend you to check out their website and come meet them at MAP-Expo 2018!