Malaysian Partnership

We are proud to announce our Malaysian Partnership with Geo-Artha.


Geo Artha Worldwide Trading was established in 2009 which is owned 100% Muslim. Geo Artha is a company that focuses on the role of Marketing and International Trade as well as an import export services company in Marketing & International Trade  to market Malaysian Halal products around the world for products registered as Geo Artha Vendor.

Geo Artha collect, promote and market the various categories of Malaysian halal products to several countries which had previously collaborated with Geo Artha such as  UAE, Thailand, Europe, Korea, China, India and Indonesia. Geo Artha highly experienced and expert in international marketing strategy, acting as International Marketing Consultant assisted by International Marketing Agents who have been trained by Geo Artha to strengthen the role of export services among entrepreneurs cum producer to market Malaysian halal products to the world.

Welcome to deal with Geo Artha for various categories of HALAL PRODUCTS made in Malaysia which is ready to export.