Exhibitor Spotlight – Pride Profit

We are excited to announce our returning exhibitor from last year; Pride Profit from Russia!


Pride Profit is a group of companies – manufacturer, Exporter and International seller – which works in the field of preparation, production, packaging, export, customs clearance, import and logistics.

They offer raw materials and finished products for export, which will be in demand in various areas of the food industry and additives, Dietary food and sports nutrition, for the production of medicine, cosmetics and rejuvenation, perfumery, biotechnology and other fields!

They offer a unique cooperation of interested companies from different countries. The main offer is natural raw materials, semi-finished products, and also finished products grown and obtained in the ecological conditions of Siberia (Russia). And also the services of the Exporter for a product from Russia that interests you! Send a request to their email address, they are ready to cooperate! Their partners and friends: USA, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, Serbia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries!