Natural Based Cosmetics




Natural based cosmetics

We all know the famous make up brands like MAC, Clinique and Maybelline. But what about make up brands that only use natural ingredients.

Just like the other brands, the natural make up brands have lipsticks, blushes, foundation and eye shadows. As well as anti – aging products.  

Producers use oils they extract from plants to hold the products together. The colour of the products come from;  Titanium Dioxide (white), Acid violet 50 (violet), Lycopene, dye from Calendula officinalis (yellow) and  Iron oxides (red).



Because of the natural ingredients natural cosmetics are popular for people with skin diseases like acne or allergies. The plant extracts can calm the skin instead of irritate it, this way people can still enjoy make up and feel and look beautiful.   

Brands that sell natural make up; 100% Pure, Juice Beauty, Real Purity, Afterglow, RMS Beauty and ILIA Beauty.